Back in USA


Last week-end, Anonimo exhibited at the worn&wound's Wind-Up Watch show at Chelsea Market in New York City. This particular watch show, celebrating its second anniversary, aims to focus on the trends and presents itself as  a huge concept store for a couple of days. While Anonimo is now back on his historical market, it was the very first event of the year which turned to be a big success in terms of attendance and brand recognition with over 16,000 attendees. Being in a well-trafficked location, Chelsea Market, press, collectors, customers visited the fair from October 21-23.

With  a couple of new point of sales to be confirmed before Christmas, Anonimo should become soon a strategic brand on the American market.

Celebrating the SUI Sailing Awards 2016

After a first boat in their own name in 1996, ANONIMO has returned this year with the world of sailing.

Stefano Comini, TCR Champion 2016

Congratulations to Leopard Racing teams, specially Stefano Comini, TCR Champion 2016