Bronze Party @ Montreux Jazz Festival


While Montreux city was celebrating its 50th Jazz Festival, Anonimo welcomed about 100 VIP guests at the terrasse of the Royal Plaza for a bronze party. A stylish and luxury metal that gives watches a vintage character, a material that the brand was among the first to use in watchmaking, and which is making a strong comeback as one of this year’s key trends ! During the evening, the guest could discover the Nautilo and Militare collections exhibited while enjoying music and drinks on the lake front.

First shop in Italy, and back to the roots in Tuscany

As summer approaches, Anonimo chose famous seaside resort Viareggio to display its collection in G. Nivrel boutique, on the Viale Guglielmo Marconi close to the seafront.

Pink Wing Rally in Croatia

As summers comes along, around 150 VIP automotive enthusiasts in 80 luxury sports cars drove through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Croatia.