Anonimo, the relaunch of an authentic watch brand.

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Anonimo was founded in 1997 in Florence, Italy – fertile soil indeed for the creation of a watch brand.

Watchmaking has in fact always been a part of Florence's history. In the fourteenth century, the city was the epicentre of watchmaking know-how. Brunelleschi, a clockmaker by trade, built the clocks in the Dome. Dondi created a planetarium. Della Volpaia developed a calendar and crafted astronomical instruments as well as a planetary clock. His research was then taken up by his sons, creating a true dynasty of Florentine clockmakers and scientists. Finally, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo both worked on the movement of time. More recently, the early twentieth century saw the Italian watch industry supply military submariners and divers.

The core of this Florentine expertise now resides in the excellence of its network of small businesses, which are specialists in the design and manufacture of watch cases and have developed unique manufacturing techniques. The machining of bronze at room temperature is an example of the originality of local manufacturing methods. The design always prioritises functionality and incorporates a particular attention to detail, which constitutes the originality of the Italian creative spirit.

In 2013, Anonimo Firenze was bought out and became Anonimo SA, still remaining an independent watch brand. The company moved its head office to Switzerland.

The Italian spirit that is unique to the brand lives on, as the bronze cases are still fully manufactured by hand in our Florentine workshops.

Anonimo watches, which now bear the Swiss Made label, represent an ideal meeting of two cultures, blending Italian, masculine, robust and elegant design with Swiss reliability and precision.

We are true to our heritage whilst being fully inspired by the world around us. We now wish to write the next chapter in our story, while respecting and reinterpreting our creative legacy.

Under the Products section, you will discover our current offer, voluntarily restricted to our Iconic watch, the Militare.

Distinguishing know-how: Working with bronze

Working with bronze demonstrates the Italian nature of our brand. Our craftsmen use a very specific technique. Starting with a solid block of bronze, they machine the material from solid at room temperature, and the watch case is gradually formed. This technique is unusual in watchmaking, which generally uses embossed shapes. Here the process is entirely different – it is slower and more gradual. The spirit of the watch testifies to this process, as an additional sign of our Italian culture. The technique used is evident in the product's appearance.

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We work with marine bronze, a complex and secret zinc-enriched alloy which is extremely tough and scratch-resistant.

Bronze is a golden-coloured metal like gold, which, over time and when in contact with air and skin, acquires a warm, deep and unique patina. Its uniqueness stems from the changing nuances of the metal, resembling each client's individuality and lifestyle.